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Monday, March 14, 2011

Is Anybody Out There

Hi Guys,

As you can see, some things have changed around here. First of all, I have updated the design of the ol' blog, I may be making more changes in the coming days and weeks. I am not sure how much I like the new look, so it may not last.

I am actually working on some new things. First I am working on an 8 page comic for my character Bunny and his friend Alice. With a little luck that will be ready in time for Free Comic Book Day which I will be spending at Pop Culture Comix.

In addition, I am also working on a second Gentleman Jack 8 page story. I know that ambition and productivity are things that no one would associate with me. But I am hoping to have that ready by FCBD as well. It will feature and updated look for GJ and I really am making an effort to improve on art from the first book. That one was so rushed that I just could not deliver on the art. I do plan to go back and remaster the first book some time in the future.

Finally, I am launching another blog that will feature of my illustration work and I will have more news on that as it develops. I really want to make a push to do more freelance illustration and the new page will serve as an online portfolio and a place to post news and previews.

That about does it for now. Please check back in a few weeks to see how badly I have failed at all of these new endeavors and to read my really lame excuses for why I failed :P

Thanks for looking,

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