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Friday, May 21, 2010


Well, the book is done. It is not what I hoped it would be, but it is done, I learned a lot, and I am ready to make more. Plus I won't look like a fool at Freecon sitting there without a book to sell.

Much thanks to my wife Pam for putting up with me being locked in my office working on this book non stop for a week. For not giving up on me, and for not letting me give up on myself. I am so lucky to have you and Deon in my life. You are my best friend and my greatest source of inspiration. I love you! Thank you sweetie!

Also, thanks to my little boy Deon. For going days without seeing Daddy but still greeting me with a smile and a kiss on those days when I was lucky enough to have a short visit with you. Thank you son, Daddy loves you.

Thanks to my best friend Doz for always supporting and encouraging me and for stepping up with a credit card when the printer rejected mine. Still not sure why!! Anyway, I give you a lot of grief, but I really do appreciate you.

Lastly, I would like to thank Mike Sullivan. For years now he has been giving me advice, encouragement, and support in my efforts (or lack thereof) to complete another comic. He stepped in and made this book happen at the last minute. Mike did thumbnails for me, pencilled a panel, wrote the dialogue, did some graphics, assembled the print files, inked and shaded some panels, and lettered the entire thing. He is such a good friend and collaborator.

I may have been able to do this book without you all, but I probably would not have done it on my own. Thanks again to you all.

That's all for now, below I have posted a preview of the cover. Hope you like it and hope to see you tomorrow at the con.

Thanks for looking,

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Doz said...

Where's Bill? and you're welcome!! :-P